ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 189.1 (SSPC 189.1)
Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings


SSPC 189.1 Membership Roster

(as of 7/17/2012)

Name Term Interest Category Affiliation
Voting Member
Dr Andrew K Persily-Chair 6-30-2013 GENERAL NIST/IAQ
Mr Richard Heinisch-Vice Chair 6-30-2013 INDUSTRY Acuity Brands Lighting
Mr Lawrence J Schoen 6/30/2017 DESIGNER Schoen Engineering Inc.
Mr Leon E Alevantis 6/30/2016 GENERAL CA Dept. of Public Health
Mr James D Bowman 6/30/2014 INDUSTRY American Wood Council
Mr Lee W Burgett 6/30/2017 INDUSTRY The Trane Co.
Mr Dimitri S Contoyannis 6/30/2015 DESIGNER Architectural Energy Corp.
Dr Drury B Crawley 6/30/2017 GENERAL Bentley Systems Inc.
Mr John P Cross 6/30/2017 INDUSTRY American Institute of Steel Construction
Ms Jennifer R Dolin 6/30/2017 INDUSTRY OSHRAM Sylvania
Mr Anthony C Floyd 6/30/2016 COMPLIANCE City of Scottsdale
Susan Gitlin 6/30/2014 GENERAL US Environmental Protection Agency
Mr Gregg Gress 6/30/2014 COMPLIANCE International Code Council
Mr Donald Horn 6/30/2017 USER US General Services Administration
Mr Roy S Hubbard, Jr 6/30/2015 INDUSTRY Johnson Controls Inc.
Mr Josh Jacobs 6/30/2016 GENERAL UL Environment
Mr Michael Jouaneh 6/30/2015 INDUSTRY Lutron Electronics Company Inc.
Dr Thomas M Lawrence 6/30/2014 GENERAL-TC 2.8 LIAISON University of Georgia
Mr Neil P Leslie 6/30/2016 UTILITY Gas Technology Institute
Mr Richard Lord 6/30/2017 INDUSTRY United Technologies Carrier Corp.
Dr Merle F McBride 6/30/2015 INDUSTRY Owens Corning Science and Tech Center
Mr James Patrick McClendon 6/30/2014 USER Walmart Stores Inc.
Ms Molly E McGuire 6/30/2016 DESIGNER Taylor Engineering
Mr Jonathan R McHugh 6/30/2014 GENERAL McHugh Energy Consultants Inc.
Mr Thomas E. Pape 6/30/2016 GENERAL INTEREST Best Management Partners
Ms Teresa M Rainey, P.E. 6/30/2017 DESIGNER Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Mr Steven Rosenstock 6/30/2016 UTILITY Edison Electric Institute
Mr Jeff Ross-Bain 6/30/2017 DESIGNER Ross-Bain Green Building, LLC
Mr Boggarm S Setty 6/30/2017 DESIGNER Setty & Associates Ltd
Mr Wayne Stoppelmoor, Jr 6/30/2014 INDUSTRY Schneider Electric
Mr Christian R Taber 6/30/2017 INDUSTRY Delta T Corporation dba Big Ass Fan Co.
Ms Martha G VanGeem 6/30/2017 INDUSTRY Martha VanGeem
Mr David W. Viola 6/30/2014 COMPLIANCE IAPMO
Mr David T Williams 6/30/2016 DESIGNER LHB Inc.
Dr Jian Zhang 6/30/2017 GENERAL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mr Ron Burton 6/30/2014 OR/BOMA; USER PTW Advisors, LLC
Mr Charles N Eley 6/30/2014 OR/AIA; DESIGNER Charles Eley
Non-Voting Member
Mr Ernest A Conrad 6/30/2014 AOR/BOMA; USER Conrad Engineers
Mr Steven R Winkel 6/30/2014 AOR/AIA; DESIGNER The Preview Group Inc.
Mr Senthil Kumar Arunachalam 6/30/2014 DESIGNER BTU Engineers, LLC
Mr Charles J Bertuch, III 6/30/2015 DESIGNER Bergmann Associates
Mr Jeffrey G Boldt 6/30/2014 DESIGNER KJWW Engineering
Mr Daryn S Cline 6/30/2014 INDUSTRY Evapco Inc.
Mr Francis Michael Gallo 6/30/2014 USER Forest City
Mr Klas C Haglid 6/30/2015 DESIGNER Haglid Engs & Assoc
Mr Gregory C Johnson 6/30/2016 INDUSTRY Gregory Johnson
Mr John Koeller 6/30/2014 GENERAL Koeller and Company
Mr Thomas R Meyer 6/30/2014 DESIGNER National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)
Mr Darren Molnar-Port 6/30/2014 COMPLIANCE State and NJ-Division of Codes & Standards
Mr Gwelen Paliaga 6/30/2015 DESIGNER Taylor Engineering
Miss Lori-Ann Leigh Polukoshko 6/30/2015 USER Government of Bermuda
Mr Joseph G Riddle 6/30/2015 DESIGNER URS Consultants
Mr Michael Schmeida 6/30/2015 INDUSTRY Oatey Co.
Mr Charles J Seyffer 6/30/2014 INDUSTRY Camfil Farr
Mr Kent Andrew Sovocool 6/30/2014 GENERAL Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)
Mr Dennis A Stanke 6/30/2016 INDUSTRY Trane Commercial Systems, Igersoll-Rand
Mr Wesley Sullens 6/30/2014 GENERAL StopWaste.Org of Alameda County
Mr Len Swatkowski 6/30/2014 INDUSTRY Plumbing Manufacturers International
Mr Daniel C Whittet 6/30/2014 DESIGNER AHA Consulting Engineers
Mr. Chris Hsieh 6/30/2015 CONSULTANT The Trane Co.
Mr R Christopher Mathis 6/30/2015 CONSULTANT MC Squared
Ms Jane Rohde 6/30/2015 CONSULTANT JSR Associates Inc.
Ms Rita M Harrold 6/30/2015 SPLS LIAISON; IES LIAISON IES
Mr Francis J Kohout 6/30/2015 SSPC 154 LIAISON McDonald's Corp.
Mr Bert Etheredge, Jr __ ASHRAE LIAISON ASHRAE

Revised Date:
September 12, 2012

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